Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

1.   The standard pitch size 3m x 3m (others are available when you book your pitch) you will need to comply with the size you choose.  All Exhibitors will need to provide their own gazebo, tables etc and must arrange the items to be within the stall area. Tables/Goods are not to exceed the perimeter of the gazebo.

2.   Gazebo’s are erected and dismantled by Exhibitors and as with all temporary structures you are responsible to ensure they are safe and secure.

3.   The Fire Lane must be kept clear.  A fire lane of no narrower than 3.6m must be maintained through the event.  When erecting and positioning your gazebo it is your responsibility that you utilise the entire road (hedge to hedge) in order to accommodate this.  This may involve you mounting the back of your gazebo on the grass verge in order to ensure that the fire lane is wide enough.

4.   Allocation of pitch’s will be made by Pick’s Organic Farm Ltd before the event and in such a way that balances the overall look of the market, goods for sale and to meet electrical, alcohol sales requirements.

5.   Exhibitors will be informed of the pitch allocated on arrival to site.  There will be no access before the agreed setup time on the day. Exhibitors must offload their vehicle before setting up their stall and remove the vehicle to the appropriate parking area.

6.   Exhibitor vehicles moving on and off the site must have hazard warning lights on and drivers must be aware at all times of pedestrian movement.  

7.   All vehicles parking on site do so at their own risk. Pick’s Organic Farm Ltd is not responsible for any damage or loss.

8.   Vehicles must not exceed 5mph within the pedestrian area (which is the road between 7am – 7pm).

9.   The Event Marshals must be obeyed at all times and will be wearing a high-vis jacket during their duties.

10. Exhibitors must trade until advertised closing time of market. Vehicles are not permitted to return to their pitch until permission has been given by the Event Manager/Stewards

11. Pitch price is exclusive of electricity.  If electric has been ordered separately exhibitors must bring cables and these should be Portable Appliance Tested and display a current PAT certificate/stamp/label. Please note the connections will be round body, round pin and 16 amp.  These types are commonly referred to as ‘caravan’ connectors as they are primarily for use in external environments. Please ensure your equipment is capable of connecting to these specifications. Adaptors are available from retail outlets at reasonable prices. No electrical trailing cables on the floor are permitted in areas accessible to the public. Devices such as kettles or heaters are not permitted at the event.

11. Exhibitors must have paid for the pitch 3 months before the event to secure their pitch.

12. Exhibitors must provide details of Food Hygiene Rating at time of booking. No bookings can be taken for traders with a score less than 3.

13. Pick’s Organic Farm Ltd has the right to cancel the Event either temporarily or permanently at any time.  If the Event is cancelled on any particular day due to unforeseen circumstances the Organisers reserve the right to decide the amount to be refunded to the Exhibitor accordingly after taking costs into account.  Pick’s Organic Farm Ltd is not liable for any costs which result.

14. If the Event is cancelled due to the weather conditions no refund is due as it is not the responsibility of Pick’s Organic Farm Ltd and outside our control.

15. The Exhibitor must remove all rubbish/litter/packaging at the end of the trading day and dispose of appropriately. There are no arrangements made by Pick’s Organic Farm Ltd in respect of refuse collection.

16. Exhibitors must display details of their business name including a method of contact (either a phone number or address).

17. No one under the age of 18 may be left in charge of a gazebo/stall/table. Exhibitors may not bring pets onto the market.

18. No music or audible device to be used unless with the express written permission of Pick’s Organic Farm Ltd

19. Any Exhibitor exhibiting items other than agreed before the event will be asked to remove them from the stand so that no annoyance is caused to the other exhibitors. 

20. No damage or marking to the site should arise from the activities of an Exhibitor. 

21. The Exhibitor shall make such provisions as necessary to prevent the deposit on any street of solid or liquid refuse and no discharge shall be made into any surface water drains.

22. All Exhibitors must display the following within their gazebo or unit:-

a. Food hygiene certificates/ratings (individual) as applicable

b. Price List if items are not priced individually; including a unit price, weight mark and compliance with the Food Safety Act 1990 where applicable.

c. Alcohol prices and measures must be displayed

26. Exhibitors shall not carry on trading in such a manner as to cause any nuisance, danger, annoyance or inconvenience to the users of the street or other trader.

27. All Exhibitors must have Public Liability Insurance for at least £5 million.  A copy of the valid insurance must be provided to Pick’s Organic Farm Ltd 1 month min before the event. Exhibitors will be requested to show proof of such on the day.

28. Production and compliance with Risk Assessments are the responsibility of the individual Exhibitors.

29. Any Exhibitors wishing to sell alcohol or give tasters must contact Pick’s Organic Farm Ltd in advance and seek permission.  If serving alcohol they must operate a challenge 25 policy. ‘No alcohol will be served to under 18’s and that proof of age may be requested’. Free tasters not to exceed 3.5 fl oz (or 10cl). Sale of ‘hot’ drinks containing alcohol not to exceed 8.5 fl oz (or 25cl). All other sales/offers are to be for ‘off’ premise consumption only.

30. All Exhibitors must have a first aid kit on site.  Where using gas they must also have the appropriate Fire extinguishers and blankets.

31. All gazebos must be flame retardant.

32. Any exhibitor with hot cooking equipment must ensure it is not within touching distance of the public and in safe area where it will not cause a fire risk.

33. Exhibitors must take responsibility for their actions in relation to the Safety or their staff, the organisers and visitors to the event.

34. All drinks must be served in paper or plastic cups

35. Pick’s Organic Farm Ltd is an equal opportunity organization and would ask all traders to observe our policy and refrain from displaying and selling any item that may cause offence to any race, creed, gender, or religious groups.

Pick's Organic Farm Ltd will not be liable for:

1.   Theft, damage and loss of property at the event

2.   Loss of monies or lack of earnings due to inclement weather, pitch or stall location, visitor numbers or any other cause.

3.   Any penalty imposed by anyone due to the applicant/stallholder’s failure to comply with any statutory requirement concerning his or her trading activities.

4.   Public Liability Insurance in respect of any or all activities carried out by the applicant in connection with his/her Stall/Pitch.

5.   Cancellation by Exhibitor – 50% refund provided notification of cancellation is received in writing 8 week before the Event. After this period no refund is due.  Please note within 8 weeks of the event the fee for any booking cancelled will still be due even if it was not already pre-paid.